Product Test & Review

  • Fireflylite E12R Preview

    •12* Luminous SST20 or  CREE XPL or LH351D•Max output 13000-15000 lumens•With RGB Auxiliary LEDs•Battery type 1x21700 / 18650  (65mm to 77mm)•Built-in USB Type-C 2A fast  charging•Heavy

  • Fireflylite T9R Preview

    Specifications: •1* Luminous STB90.2 or  1*  Osram KW CULNM1 or Osram KW CULPM1 •Max output 4800-lumen or 1500-lumen•Light Intensity: STB90.2 (400Kcd) ; Osram KW CULNM1 (680Kcd)•Battery type 1x21700 / 1865

  • Fireflylite E07 Review

    The Fireflies E07 flashlight looks normal, but when you dig deeper into the operation, you will find that it has distinctive features and various functions.

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