Fireflylite E07 Review

2020-08-12 11:21:42

In most people's eyes, flashlight is the light under the road at night, and the light after the blackout. But now, this kind of flashlights has an ambient light function, which can also add warmth and color to the atmosphere . That's what we're talking about today: FirefliesE07.

As a 7-eye flashlight with middle head, E07 lamp holder has 7 main lamp beads and 12 optional ambient lamps in blue and purple. The one I bought is purple. When the ambient lamp is turned on, the light is scattered by the frosted texture of the lens group, forming a soft visual experience.

Don't underestimate "Fireflies", just the seven lamp beads can produces a luminous flux of up to 4500lm. If the light is reflected off the white wall in a tight interior space, you can't even open your eyes (shooting parameters are ISO800, aperture F2.0, shutter speed 1/20 second).

It’s like a beacon outside in the dark, illuminating the large area of the former ground, bringing security for those who travel in the wild.

Open the package, you will see a torch and it’s accessories firmly inside a foam. The standard accessories are abundant, including one adjustable hand rope, two standby waterproof O rings, one stainless steel clip and one English manual.

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